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We are Improving Our Store! Come back in a week! Khaleesi past, she made it to her 7th year Birthday, then just suddenly her chemo wasn't working and her cancer, as expected, took her life. She had a good longer life, sacrificing we paid for 3-back surgeries about 10k each, then Chemo every 3-weeks for 1.5 yeasrs($750/visit). She was a rescue and we were blessed with having her, many people have told us they wouldn't of paid what we did, but she was such a loving and strong girl and our hearts have FAR from healed from her loss. My wife and her both are cursed with congenital health issues. My wife, my love, my world and everything has been gradualy decreasing in health. All her condidtions are incurable but mitigation of pain is her only route. Florida, going through an opiate chrisis not that long ago makes it more difficult to acquire her any help She is the strongest person I know and nas daily pain that most wouldn't understand. She just went through a battery of tests and more to come. That has kept us busy and the site had integration issues that the supplier denies any wrong doing. Paid thousands and thousands of dollars and the integration of promisses they tol us never worked. Everones fault but theirs. So they se our cost as our retail and we have been getting MAP issues after MAP issue violations. With tending to my wifes issues I havent been able to go through the 25k+ SKU's changing prices at a fast enough rate to make a difference.100-250 a day takes a while with 25,000+sku's. We went though a lot of fraud cases around Christmas and chargeback now erupting have been cripling. Shopify guarantee's chageback protection but would honor none. Of the dozen or so fraud issue, of which only one was sent out, received by the card holders name, matching address, filed a chargeback after never once contacting us an we informered her every step from comfirming her order, sending the tracking, and now after receiving her order 9-days after placing the order claims fraud. I emailed her as to why it was fraud after receiving the order and no response. LET ME TELL YOU ONLINE SALES ARE NOTING BUT LIES, DECEPT AND FRAUD. i DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE OPENING A STORE, ESPECIALLY SHOP____y. NO HELP, ALWASYS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT, AND NEVER PICK AND OF THE VENDORS THEY RECOMMEND. tHEY WILL ALLOW THEM TO BILLL YOU ANYTHING THROUGH THEIR PLATFORM AND IT TAKES MONTHS TO WORK OUT AND HUNDREDES OF HOUR TO RESOLVE, tHEY ARE ALL MILLENNIALS' AND HATE TO DO WOKR AND DO NOT PROTECT YOU FORM FRUAD,TRUST US THE WOST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH. tHEY SAY THEY WILL LOOK INTO IT AND NPTHING HAPPENS OR THEY IGNORE OR THREATEN YOU. tHERE ARE A FEW GOOD TECH SUPPORTERS BUT THEY HAVE THOUSANDS AND YOU NEVER GET THE SAME ONE. jUST DON'T TRUST THE HYPE OR FAKE COMMERCIALS OF PEOPLE MAKING MONEY. THE WORST COMPSNY I HAVE EVER WORKED WITH. SEE YOU ALL IN A WEEK FULL STEAM1 Thank you all for fjour support1 LOVE OUR LOYAL FOLLOWERS. VENESSA/BO

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